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Rough summary of what happened in pages 70-79 in volume 9

>_> being the rabid fangirl of a certain pairing that I am, I kidnapped my Chinese friend and asked her to roughly translate the events in a certain 'scene'. This is a very rough translation... probably 80% accurate.

The asterisk parts are my comments. Usual manga reading order.

Page 70:
Yanagi: Ahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AAAAAAAA!

Yanagi's monologue: I never existed *something along that line*

Where am I? What is this place? Who am I?

That's right. 'I' don't exist. I never existed.

*rough translation mode* I never existed in this world. I should leave this world, go to the other world.

Page 71:

Yanagi's monologue: Haha, I finally understand now.

I can finally see things the way you see it *Yanagi is referring to Hyde, of course*

Page 72:

Yanagi... Yanagi...

*can't really remember, something along the lines of where are you? Are you there?*

Hyde: haa.. haaa *panting*

Page 73:
*panting x3* Yanagi *x3*

Page 74:

Utsuho: You're the ugliest thing I have ever seen. You're useless. You shouldn't exist *not sure bout the last one*


No... Yanagi never existed. He never existed in this world. I should go to the other place *something along that line*

Page 75:
*really rough translation here*

Yanagi: I don't exist in this world. I should go to that world.

Let go of me!

The other world where I should exist. I have nothing left. I should leave.

Hyde: Then shoot me.

Page 76:
Hyde: I'm 'Yanagi's' slave. Do whatever you want with me. I'll follow you. I'll go to the other world with you *can't remember this line very well* Shoot me.

Yanagi: No.

Hyde: I won't pull back. I won't move/run away. Just pull the trigger.

Yanagi: No... I won't

Hyde: *something along the lines of... * Why are you hesitating? Why say no? Just pull the trigger.

Yanagi: NO!

Hyde: Pull the trigger!!! PULL THE TRIGGER!!!!


Page 77:

Hyde: See? Even though you pulled the trigger, I'm still here. You never really want to make me disappear right *I think*.  I'll always follow you *I think*.

Yanagi: But why?

Hyde: My memory's a bit fuzzy and messed up. I can't really remember what kind of a person I was and am. But I remember seeing a face that was so cool. *this, I kid you not.* It was always looking sideways.

Page 78

Hyde: But I hope that someday, before I die, that face looking sideways will at least one day, turn and look at me. That's why I'll follow you. And be by your side forever.

Yanagi: HYDE-SAMA!!!!

Yanagi's monologue: I decided to let go of that other world I wanted to go. That's because what I was looking for had been right in front of my eyes all this while.

Page 79:

Hyde: I'll be by your side forever, Yanagi.

Yanagi's monologue: Though I've been following Professor Utsuho all this while, I'll never measure up to his standards.



Gah, sorry for the crappy translation.

I have a feeling... that the pairing is confirmed to be as canon as canon can be ^^. Yeay ^^! \^^/
SO ROMANTIC!!! *in a bloody way.* Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *jumps around in little circles*

I love living in a multiracial country ^^
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