→ an angel of (cruxis) wrote in noa_hq,
→ an angel of

Not a lot, just some graphics.

This is a Shui header~

This post and this post feature a handful of KAMUI icons between them. :3 Can you tell who my favourite character is.
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I love your Shui header ~ ♥
And I also love your icons!
Especially the Atsuma one on your second one. :3
The only guesses I can think of is Atsuma and Shui; I'm leaning more into Shui though. xD

T'would be Shui, yes it would~ ♥
I agree with the person who commented before me - the header is adorable and simply gorgeous! (Did you do the coloring? =O I love the colors in his eyes.) Your icons are great as well - nice job! +.+ It seems to me that you've got a crush on red-haired guys... XD
Yep, I coloured it. ;D His eyes did turn out rather well~

Crush? XD It's much, much more than that. I've a fetish for them~ Yet to find one in fandom I don't like. XDDD Thanks very much~