. (sixth_blackbird) wrote in noa_hq,

Kamui Drama CD

Hey guys, I just downloaded the Kamui drama CD. Unfortunately lol, I don't understand Japanese.
If any of you do, I can provide a link for downloading the CD if you'd give me the jist of things.
Or I can just provide the link if anyone wants it.

I'd love to know wtf is going on X__X

Also, wtf, Kamui 10 & 11. First off, who is taking Broccoli Books' place? I want my last friggin two novels!!!!
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pliiiis provide us the links! i want to listen the cd drama!!!


October 10 2009, 23:04:53 UTC 7 years ago

Oooo! Can I have the link, I have been freaking out since you mentioned it! Sorry I was looking for the translation for you, but I can't find it=(.
Link please!


March 6 2010, 10:08:39 UTC 7 years ago

Baaaw, I've been looking for this CD everywhere! D: Could you provide a link?
Could you please provide a link I can't find the drama cd anywhere!!!
Can u PLZ give me the link