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Summary of pages 7-18 of volume 7, and a lil something I noticed.

Meeep. And here I come to annoy you guys ^^. My poor Chinese friends must be running away from me.... I keep bugging em to translate stuff.

This time, I won't give out full blown translations..... And as usual, it won't be so accurate. Asterisks are my comments.

Page 7-9

Kojomaru: Hey, is this the right thing to do? *insert more contemplation here*
*is about to stab Atsuma* .. ATSUMA!!!!!
Atsuma: !!!! Kojomaru? *seriously, my friend and I were like... kinda lazy to translate this part*

Ummm the other half of page 9
Kojo: Ara? You're awake. What's with the serious face?
Atsuma: hey, about yesterday.... Do you remember anything?
Kojomaru: Natch, I passed out right after seeing you. By the time I woke up, the sun was already up.


Kojo: Why? Did something happen?
Atsuma: Nah... it's nothing.
Kojo: Hey, ever since you got here, you've been drinking nothing but water. Y'gotta take care of yourself y'know. That nice guy *Shui* isn't around to take care of you anymore.
So where are ya going now?
Atsuma: Back to NOA.
Kojo: WTF? Why?!!! *Ok, not exactly, but you get the drift*
Atsuma: I want to find freedom. NOA was a temporary freedom. *something something freedom of soul* That's why I have to go back to NOA.


Atsuma: *more babbling bout NOA and freedom*... And I want to find the meaning of what is it to live.
Kojo: Yeah yeah, so if ya wanna live...... You have to kill Utsuho. *something something NOA something* He's dangerous. I feel a diffrent more powerful wave.

This wave, is like a very destructive Kamui of old legend. He was called *Ok, this is his chinese name* Zhong Shen. This Kamui brings together the power of all Kamui. I think Utsuho is gonna try to revive him *not sure*

Atsuma: Natch, I won't do it. I want to live.

Kojomaru: WHat?!!! What the crap?

Atsuma: I want to live my own way!


Kojo: Why wont you listen to me? You idiot! *bla bla bla* Please... Please let's kill Utsuho. Go with me......
Atsuma: Discussion closed
Kojo: Fine, have it your way, baka-Atsuma

Kojo: ATSUMA! LET ME GO!!!!!
Atsuma: Hey, if you're gonna play around with Sumire's body, I'll kill you!

Kojo: I get it already. Sheesh. Baka-Atsuma.
He's changed.... He never had this kind of power before. Or is the one who have changed me?
The wound... It only took a day to heal. I never had this kind of restorative power before. I wonder what this is.... I can feel a new wave


Is it from Okikurumi?

Utsuho: Hey, you're back. What took you so long? Aiyaa, you got hurt? Useless fools.
Hyde: Don't!


Hyde: Don't touch him.
Shiki: Ara? IT SPEAKS! *something like that*  SO what are you gonna do Utsuho?
Utsuho: Well, he shouldn't gone off. He should have stayed by my side. But he just had to go snooping around. He's so irritating.


Utsuho: KILL HIM!
Hyde: Isn't he you're subordinate?! You're student/disciple?
Utsuho: Ara? I never said I have one. I don't even remember having a disciple. Besides, he's useless now.

Ngeh. That's all for now. Need my quality sleep time. It's around 1.10 a.m. here in Malaysia ^^

Owh, notice that...

In most colour spreads/postcards and stuff, there will always be this group of 5... Shui, Atsuma, Kojomaru, Yanagi and Hyde... Is that a foreboding of something?
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