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Bad news, some scans, and some good news as well!

From Broccoli Books Blog:
Q. Do you know if the last two volumes 10 & 11 of Kamui will be released soon. If so when?

A. KAMUI vol 10 and vol 11 production are currently on hold. The book market is changing a lot these days, and as a small publisher we need to wait and see how the big players are going to tackle the issue before jumping into the waves ourselves.

We hope to get them back on track by the end of 2008.

Eh, I fail to see why changes in the book market would affect an on-going series when Broccoli is still releasing new titles. Ah well, just as long as they don't cancel it right before the final two volumes, I can wait.

Well, while waiting for Broccoli to get off their asses, I've been molesting Nanami-sensei's new series Sengoku Strays. And I must say, I'm loving it a helluva lot! Since fangirling alone is hardly fun, I decided to spread the love and did some scanning.

The cover pic, featuring Oda Nobunaga in his latest mangafied version. (Back cover isn't that interesting, but I felt silly not scanning it so here it is.)

Tiny pic from the dust jacket thingie, worth scanning, me thinks.

Color insert, featuring Kasane-chan (the main character) and Nobunaga. The manga starts out with Kasane-chan being mysteriously transported to Sengoku era Japan, where she finds herself in the middle of Oda Nobunaga's rise to power. Not much has happened in the first 3 chapters I've read, just setting up the story and introducing characters.

Flipside of the color insert. Hot damn this man looks good in red.

While running away from prison (don't ask), Kasane-chan runs into some of Nobunaga's men. I'm not that familiar with Japanese history, but after some digging, I realized that these are all historical figures. The white-haired short person is Sassa Kuranosuke Narimasa, gunslinger extrordinaire; tall dog-like person is Maeda Matazaemon Toshiie (though everyone calls his Inuchiyo in the manga) and the pretty boy is Niwa Gorouzaemon Nagahide. They remind me a lot of the idiot trio (Sanosuke, Shinpachi & Heisuke) from Peacemaker Kurogane.

... is a caption even needed for a picture like this?

Nobunaga's younger brother Nobuyuki. He is adorable. And has a brother complex. Remind you of anyone?

Oh, and these two are not my scans but I'll throw them here anyways:

Color inserts from GanGan Wing 04/08 (I think, too lazy to check), which also had chapter 3 of the series!

Or, if you just want all the scans above and the chapter as well, here's two neat little download links. Feel free to do whatever you want with the scans (just as long as you don't claim to have scanned them), no credit necessary. Spread the love~
Chapter 03 of Sengoku strays

Oh, and ps. Storm in Heaven has SS listed in their future projects list, so keep your eyes open for when they release the first chapter!
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